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Analyze and Clean Up Your Social Media: Delete Facebook profane posts

Don’t get fired: This app will delete your embarrassing posts on social media

If you’ve ever worried about old tweets or Facebook posts coming back to haunt you — but don’t have time to sift through years of posts to manually delete them — these new apps may be able to help.


Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

Social media analyzers and Cleaners:


http://facewash.herokuapp.com: Simply visit this link to begin using FaceWash. You’ll need to authorize it to access your Facebook profile, it will then scan your account. You can delete your offending posts by clicking on the link in each result, which takes you to the original post on Facebook.

https://heyclear.com: Clear connects with your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts and analyzes your history, flagging posts with potentially inappropriate content. To guess what that is, Clear uses a combination of algorithms and IBM’s supercomputer Watson to filter material.

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