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Clever Ads That Beg Us Not to Waste Our Lives

There are so many commercials all around you that sometimes our brains are able to tune them out. But there are advertisements out there that are simply so creative, they are hard to miss. Some even tackle deeper issues like drunk driving and eating disorders, begging you to treat yourselves better. These ads make such a huge impact that they are difficult to ignore.

Sunny Rabius Sunny made a compilation of genius ads with a powerful message so that people will value their lives more.

Waste in the ocean comes back to you.

© Surfrider Foundation


Children should not have to waste their childhood working.

© World Vision


Smoking and obesity cause cancer.

© Cancer Research UK


A little bit of your money could give a child a new life.


© Association François-Xavier Bagnoud


Lives can be lost due to drunk driving.

© Fiat


Addiction is not worth it.

© Suchtprävention im Kanton Zürich

We need trees to survive.

Donate your organ, save a life.


Don’t waste your beauty.

Which of these ads speaks to you and makes you want to make a change? Are you aware of any other smart ads like these that touch your heart?

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