A Moonlit Night

A moonlit night, the full moon shines in its entire glory in the sky, is really charming and enjoyable. It is really a night of dream and it presents a beautiful sight. In the autumn the sky remains cloudless and the moon looks like a big silver disc in the sky. The shiny light of the moon floods the earth and the sky. The moon’s rays reflecting on seas, rivers, ponds and hills create a music spell. When the moon pours her light on the waves of water, it sparkles like a diamond. The smooth rays of the moon please our eyes and mind. In a moonlit night, the grand sights of the canals, rivers, tanks present cannot be described in a word. The whole nature looks bright and appears in the celestial light. The natural beauty of a moonlit night can better be realized than described. People of all ages enjoy a moonlit night. Young boys play and little boys and girls make funs and amuse themselves. Some people also visit their nearer house in this night. It seems that the whole nature has taken a new form and everywhere is bright, bright and bright. A moonlit night spreads a feeling of joy in all objects of nature. So, it is really enjoyable for the newly married couple. Poets of all languages have sung highly of a moonlit night. Even, we forget our enmity with others. We make a flock and conversation on different subjects with one another. The moonlit night reminds us the mystery of the creation of Allah. We can estimate the moonlit night as offering a charming sight to all living beings. Indeed, a moonlit night is pleasant and fine.