Synthetic Swarm: Drone show technology for live events

Synthetic Swarm

Verity Studios’ Synthetic SwarmTM is a turnkey drone show system that is purpose-built for the live entertainment and events industry. It allows the controlled, indoor flight of a large number of self-piloted LuciesTM. Each Lucie microdrone is equipped with a programmable RGB light. The motions and light effects of each Lucie can be designed into a precise choreography that is synchronized using show control, providing a stunning complement to the traditional palette of light, sound, stage effects, and human performance.

Synchronization of each Lucie’s lights and motions allows for the creation of intricate patterns and novel stage effects that could not be achieved otherwise. By leveraging human perception of 3D structure from motion, Synthetic Swarms can be used to create illusions of very large objects floating in the air.

The Synthetic Swarm drone show system is comprised of self-piloted Lucies, a positioning system, a rack-mounted control unit, and Lucie charging stations. It is designed for a multitude of indoor spaces, including theatres, arenas, churches, and tents. Installation, calibration, and operation are quick and simple.

Stage Flyer Drone

Like the Synthetic Swarm, Verity Studios’ StageFlyers™ are available as a turnkey drone show system. Each Stage Flyer show drone is fully redundant – it is capable of continuing operation in spite of a failed battery, a failed motor, a failed connector, a failed propeller, a failed sensor, or a failure of any other component. This is achieved through the duplication of critical components and the use of proprietary algorithms, which enable safe emergency responses to component failures.

Each Stage Flyer can carry a costume that can be integrated with the Stage Flyer’s powerful LED lights – the drones can act like characters or as three-dimensional scenography, or dance and interact with human performers. Additionally, the drones can become flying lighting displays or spotlights, offering unique lighting opportunities, or they can carry payloads including cameras, mirrors, confetti, or a multitude of other stage effects.

The Stage Flyer drone show system is comprised of self-piloted Stage Flyer drones, a fully redundant positioning system, a fully redundant rack-mounted control unit, and Stage Flyer charging stations. Like the Synthetic Swarm, it is suitable for a multitude of indoor spaces and allows for quick and simple installation, calibration, and operation.

The Stage Flyer and Synthetic Swarm show systems are fully compatible and can share a single positioning system and control unit.

Verity is planning to go much further, says D’Andrea, but he won’t reveal more details, at the risk of hemming in his research. “I want to be free to create,” he says. Besides, “If you’re doing something that’s cutting edge you shouldn’t be telling people it’s cutting edge,” he says. “People will hear about it.”

He does give some tantalizing hints: His team is exploring human and machine interaction as well as adaptation and learning. There will be a major reveal in April or May, he says.

“What I care about is using technology to create wonderful things,” he says. “We keep making new discoveries. We adopt new technologies as they become available and integrate them into what we’re creating.” He adds: “Ideas are cheap. The hard part is to figure out which ones are worth pursuing, and executing.”